Goodbye and Hello!

I am sad to report that I’ve decided to say goodbye to But, I am happy to report that I’m saying Hello to my brand new Blog name:

I started because I love to bake, eat, decorate cakes, and share great recipes. I still love to bake, decorate cakes, and share recipes. But, I haven’t enjoyed eating what I bake in a very long time. Gluten Free baking has not been my friend. There is a whole science behind developing and adjusting recipes that my tiny brain cannot grasp. In the beginning I was naive enough to think that if I just substituted an all purpose gluten free flour for regular all purpose flour, my recipes would come out exactly the same. Nope! There are dozens of tips and tricks for substituting gluten free flour for regular but truly, none of them have worked in my own recipes. In addition to gluten free all purpose flour, there are tons of other gluten free flours around; coconut flour, almond flour, corn, rice, arrowroot, bean….and the list goes on. Then there’s the science behind what to use each one for and how to combine them to get a specific result. God Bless all of you Gluten Free recipe developers out there! You are smarter and more determined than I will ever be!

In my new blog I’m planning to share my musings on a lot of Gluten Free and Graves Disease related things. You’ll find recipes, opinions, advice, and hopefully something worth reading now and then!

I sincerely THANK YOU for tuning in and I hope you’ll follow me to!


A Holiday Tradition Dessert

Holiday Flavor Flashback

This recipe was originally made to be put into a 9 inch pie plate. As our families grew, it was easier to adjust the recipe and make it in a 13x9 pan so it would feed more people.We always used to use Kosto brand pudding for this but they no longer make a butterscotch flavor. Whatever brand you use is fine, as long as it's "Cook and Serve" and NOT Instant. This is a really great flavor combo. It's also perfect to serve after a big holiday meal because it's not a heavy dessert. I hope you'll give it a try! :-)